You deserve better than DIY design

It seems like nowadays there’s a Facebook group for everything from local pet owners to global entrepreneurship groups. I’m a part of several of the latter, and I’m starting to notice a bit of a trend that I wanted to address in this post.

I’ve started to notice that it’s becoming increasingly popular on these groups about entrepreneurship and being a small business owner to either DIY their graphic design and marketing, or use a very cheap service like Fiverr or DesignCrowd to outsource these tasks.

What purpose do sites like Fiverr and DesignCrowd serve?

If you’ve never heard of sites like these before, they can work one of two ways. The first is that you hire someone through the site to make a logo, design an intro for your video series, or do a number of different things all for a very low price, like $5. The second way is that you put out a project offer with the details and a fixed “winning” price, and people all around the world submit their design ideas. You only pay for the one you want, if any.

Now I’m not saying that these sites don’t have their place. For student projects or for novice designers to get more experience with design, these sites are perfect.

What I am saying though is that your business deserves better than DIY.

This isn’t some middle school student project that you’ll forget about as soon as you get your grade back. This is your business we’re talking about.

It’s your hopes and dreams for a better future. It’s letting yourself work from home with your kids, knowing that you’ll be making enough money from your small business to support yourself without having to go into an office from 9-5 every day.

It’s presenting yourself to the world through personal branding and being proud of what that means. It’s handing your resumé and business cards out like candy and knowing that the image you’re presenting is professional. It’s landing the job you want because they loved your website.

Why should my business go for professional design? We’re so small!

In the age of technology and artfully crafted social media, it’s become super important to maintain a good image online, whether you’re a multi-million dollar corporation, a small business, or an individual.

The image you portray online is usually the first thing potential clients and employers see about you, and is sometimes the only thing they ever see.

Let’s give a real-world example to show the importance.

You need to find somewhere to keep your darling dog, Floofy, while you go on vacation to the Bahamas (super jealous, by the way). You’ve got 2 potential options for people dear Floofy can stay with.

The first person, John, you know barely nothing about. When you go to meet him in person, he comes to your meeting 15 minutes late and looking like he just woke up and ran over to the coffee shop as soon as he woke up. He makes some mistakes when talking to you (he says that Floofy is a cat, for example), and doesn’t seem that well put together.

The second person, Mike, you know barely nothing about as well. When you go to meet him in person, he’s already waiting outside the coffee shop, drinking your favourite drink, and with a dog that looks eerily like your own Floofy. This guy has good taste, right?! You start talking to him and he’s speaking your language. He looks professional, gives you all of his qualifications, and tells you all about Snookums (his dog).

Who would you trust with your darling little pet? John or Mike? I don’t know about you, but I’d probably go with Mike. He was more put-together, and seemed more like he knew what he was talking about.

So how does this relate to your company’s online presence and design?

Just like John looked like he was sloppily put together and didn’t really know what was going on, your business might look the same way with DIY or cheap design. When you’re trusting your business’s public image with someone, you want to choose the designer who will cherish and nurture your business to its fullest potential. Who knows what would happen with Floofy when John gets a hold of him!

I like to imagine Floofy is a tiny little Maltese dog; ridiculously white, lush fur and everything. Floofy would probably come back to you after spending the holidays with Mike even more glamorous, and maybe with a cute outfit or two. With John, Floofy would probably come back with matted soiled fur, and looking a little more worse for wear.


Find someone who will treat Floofy like the little prince(ss) (s)he is.

You and your business need someone who you can trust to develop design work that you can be proud of and that you love displaying everywhere. Let’s work together and make Floofy look the best (s)he can!