What am I doing right now?

*”Right Now” being from when I last updated the page on June 29, 2020 to today

What I’m currently focusing on:

Working full-time as a Brand & Marketing Strategist at Versature: Especially with so many creatives and marketers being laid off in Ottawa, I am beyond lucky to work for a company that prioritizes and sees the value in marketing. I have a great team, and am excited to continue growing my depth and breadth of skills working for not only our company, but sister companies worldwide.

Creating a new brand, Something Blue Marketing + Design: My best friend Julia and I discovered after she got engaged last year that the wedding industry is full of creative entrepreneurs like ourselves that could benefit from some marketing and design coaching.

Collaborating with select pre-existing clients: I have shifted my focus away from taking on new personal freelance clients, however I am still working with select clients I have an existing relationship with on an ongoing basis.

Continued harp studies: Although my usual dance classes have been cancelled, I have been taking my harp lessons online throughout social distancing.

Making our house a home: I bought a house back in February with my fiancé and promptly went into social distancing. Since then, we’ve finally gotten the chance to unpack most of the boxes but haven’t purchased the furniture pieces and décor that will make the house our home.

Flip-flopping on planning a wedding: I got engaged in June to my wonderful boyfriend of almost 4 years on a forest trail by our new house. It was so adorable and “us”. Now, we’re trying to find a way to celebrate a wedding without breaking the bank (we did just buy a house, after all!) and with constraints like my parents only being in the country for a month and a half every year.

What my focus is currently paused on:

Dance, but more specifically, ballet: I took a break from ballet this past year for a number of reasons. It didn’t fit into my schedule since the classes overlapped with work, and I wasn’t looking forward to going to ballet classes anymore. Since then, I discovered pole dancing (which was a total 180 from ballet lemme tell you!) and have been enjoying the physical strength challenge lifting your entire body weight off the ground and upside down brings. I have also been taking Broadway Jazz classes, but am realizing that I am a ballerina at heart. I look forward to recommencing dance once social distancing is over, and ballet once the new season starts in September.

Building my freelance client list: Since starting Something Blue with Julia, I have taken a step back from working with clients just by myself. Freelancing isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, and I was starting to feel less motivated because I was doing it alone. Julia was feeling similarly, so we started Something Blue to work together and focus on an industry we both love. I’m not completely shutting down working with clients, but I’m not actively seeking out opportunities the same way I was before.

Researching and illustrating The Harp Encyclopedia project: As I’ve been searching for a larger pedal harp, I noticed that there’s not actually a lot of concrete information about the old styles of Lyon & Healy, Washburn, Wurlitzer, and Salvi harps that are no longer in production. These harps are usually very ornately decorated, and can sometimes come in a range of different decorations under the same style name. Combining my fascination with olden-style harps, illustration, and database creation, I started illustrating these decorations from reference images found online. Some harps were easier than others, but I wasn’t being as precise with the illustrations as I wanted to, and didn’t have the mental energy to continue collecting, categorizing, and illustrating the data the way I wanted to. I still believe that it’s a worthwhile project for harpists and would like to eventually reach out to notable harp historians like Carl Swanson and Meko, both of whom have way more experience with older harps than I do.

What I’m eventually working towards:

Creating passive income streams for Something Blue: It is my goal to turn Something Blue into a marketing education powerhouse for wedding professionals. I’ve learned from so many individual client calls with wedding vendors what the common pain points are, and believe that Julia and I can help wedding vendors not just locally, but nationally and internationally with their marketing and design by providing educational resources such as guides, workbooks, and courses.

Completing my Royal Academy of Dance Advanced 2: In February of 2019, I took my Advanced 2 ballet exam. Unfortunately, this was also the day that Ottawa got a MASSIVE snowstorm. It took my 20 minutes to get my car out of the snow, and by the time I got to the exam (which perplexingly was not cancelled), I was an adrenaline-y wreck. I failed the exam by 2 points. While it is a great story to tell, I’d love to have the opportunity to take the exam again and pass. It’s the final level offered by the RAD (except for Solo Seal), and it’d be a great achievement to have successfully completed all of the levels.

Starting to perform with the harp: Going along with the whole wedding industry theme, I would love to start performing with the harp more. To do so, I need to build me repertoire and get used to playing under pressure. You’d think with dance and theatre experience, playing a musical instrument under pressure would be a piece of cake, but it’s turning out to be a little bit more of a challenge than anticipated. The harp is such a unique instrument that not a lot of people have exposure to, and I enjoy teaching people about the harp and playing for an audience so they can learn more about the rare instrument.

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