In a third-year marketing communications course at Carleton University, we were assigned a real-life problem. The Ravens (our varsity athletics teams) had low student attendance. With a relatively low budget, it was our mission to create a campaign to increase student attendance to one game of the season. My team decided to create a campaign that was both budget-friendly and more impactful than just one game.
First is a copy of the design of the report given to representatives of the Ravens and the professor, printed in full-colour and middle bound. 
The design of the first few pages describing the problem and analysis are relatively sparse in terms of colour and design so as to make the reveal of the solution infinitely more powerful. Mockups of outdoor advertising and brochures were included in the report.

The presentation itself, presented to the professor, representatives of the Ravens, and the class, follows the brand guide given, and is text-sparse to allow for more engagement.

The idea behind the proposed campaign was to use the raven mascot to symbolize the inner strength of the athletes, but to encourage students as well to release their inner Raven through use of the hashtag #BringOutTheRaven. In advertisements, star players from the varsity teams would be given Ravens wings, and students would be invited to purchase tickets online (reducing uncertainty avoidance), and bring out their inner Raven.

To further reduce uncertainty avoidance, it was recommended that brochures with key information about players and rules of the sport would be created as part of a “Ravens Guide” series. These brochures would be available at the Athletics Centre and other key places on campus, and would help to increase the knowledge of students so as to encourage attendance at games.

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