My only full-year course at university has been Consumer Behaviour. For this course, we were tasked with researching an area of consumer behaviour and creating a documentary on the topic.

As a ballet dancer myself, I wanted to look at the cost of dance and the consumption habits of dancers and their parents. Three dancers and two parents were asked about when, where, and why they purchase dance wear. Their results are in the video below.

One thing that I really liked about doing this project was that it gave me the opportunity to think of new ways of including information in the video. I really like how on music videos you can see who the artist of the song is and what it’s called, so I included a citation for each of the songs and third-party clips in the video.

The titles for each segment follow a standard ballet class. The beginning segment has plies in the background, followed by frappes at the barre, then pirouettes, and finally sautes.

The introductions for the dancers and parents used the same font as the titles as they were large. Unlike the credits for the third-party media, these were meant to catch the eye and are therefore larger.

The same idea was used for the “Cost of Ballet” segment, in which items of dance wear fell from above the camera as the price of dance went up.

Finally, the end credits used the same font pairing as the title logo of the documentary, and matched the same style as the segment titles, but with a darker background.

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