Recital Programs

With 3 acts and over 30 dances per show including a full-length ballet production, Greta Leeming’s annual recital is a massive 2-day affair, and that’s just the performances!

When designing the programs, there were multiple things that I had to keep in mind. The first was that the covers and centrefolds were the same across all 3 shows and in colour, however the show orders were different and in black and white. This involved designing the covers and centrefold first, then fleshing out the insides once the content was ready.

The cover was designed first using the themes “Around the World” and “Beauty and the Beast”. “Stars of Tomorrow” was added in after the first two section designs for the cover were already done, so it became a task of finding a design that would hold its own in its own right, but also merge the two other designs seamlessly. This was achieved by both the use of purple (the intersection of red and blue) and yellow (the complement of red and blue), with a font just in the middle of the two other fonts used. Still brush-y but still refined.

Each inner section of the program had its own heading to better differentiate them, and the subheadings for the ballet production had a font that matched with that section’s main heading.

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