“Why Versature” Page Redesign

As part of revitalizing the Versature brand, one of the things I’ve been doing is systematically updating key pages on the website. One of the first pages was probably our most popular page on the website: “Why Versature”. This page gives some background into the company, highlights awards and achievements, and talks about key differentiators in the industry.


A before snapshot of the "Why Versature" page


An after snapshot of the "Why Versature" page

The new page has the exact same information as the old page, just laid out differently and styled with new images from the company’s recent photo shoot. The only addition to the page was the contact form.

My main goal when updating the page was to create a better sense of flow through the elements. Since the old design had had so many additions to it over the time it was live, the design felt a little repetitive and disjointed as we had tried to keep the style similar, but add in additional information (like the “Versature Gives Back” section at the bottom).

By completely redesigning the page, I brought the design back to what differentiates Versature as a company: the people who work there. In the new design, over 40% of Versature employees are highlighted in their departments.

The list of awards and accolades was also getting difficult to manage in the old design because of how many repeat awards were being received. To rectify this problem, I listed the awards by award received instead of the year.

A couple of the titles were also updated to match the new, bolder branding, such as “Business Phone Service. Evolved.” as opposed to  “Continued Growth”.


  • The average time spent on page has doubled to almost 7 minutes
  • The bounce rate has dropped 170%
  • The conversion rate has increased 25% (“Why Versature” was already the highest converting page on the website)