Versature: Powering the Sandra Schmirler Foundation Telethon Video

In February 2017 I had the opportunity to travel to Saint Catharines, Ontario, to document the setup and technical process behind the Sandra Schmirler Foundation’s annual telethon.

Before filming, I created a list of the types of clips I wanted to get, including interviews, on-site footage, setup/dismantling, and B-roll.
After returning to Ottawa I went through clips and cross-referenced them with their length, audio quality, focus, and overall quality. I also assigned each a reference colour and sticky note for better assembly of the video. These sticky note colours also translated to the colours assigned to each clip in Adobe Premiere Pro, which I used to compile the video.

From there, I used these sticky notes to create a timeline. The colour-coding helped to create a storyline that was even and did not have any large gaps of solely B-roll.