A Realistic Splits Stretching Routine

When I got back into dance when I was 17 after taking a break for almost a decade, I was EXTREMELY inflexible. So I did what any other normal person would do, and tried looking online for a stretching routine. Only, the ones that I found were either made by pre-teens who were NOT qualified, or people who were giving, I later learned, advice that could potentially injure you further.

So when one of my pole dance friends asked if I had a stretching routine that I followed because she didn’t know if she was doing the stretches right or not. I filmed this video for her and my other followers on my dance Instagram to follow along with.

This isn’t some “get your splits in a week” fantasy. I created this video for people of all ages, dance styles, and flexibility levels to use to improve their flexibility.

One thing I talk about in the video that I love is the idea of energy when stretching. Oftentimes young dancers will be flexible enough that they fall into a stretch and hold it. Thinking about your energy and feeling as though you’re pushing and extending will help dancers of all levels of flexibility get deeper into stretches.

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