How to Succeed on Poshmark Canada

Since I joined Poshmark Canada a few months ago, the platform has exploded! It’s so great to finally see a site like this available in Canada. Oftentimes similar marketplace sites are only available in the US and never expand anywhere else. I’ve had success both in purchasing items for myself and selling items, and am currently sitting at over 310,000 followers on the platform to date.

If you’re not sure what Poshmark is, it’s an online marketplace for clothes, accessories, and home items. People from all across Canada have their “closets” that you can shop, and they’ll ship the items right to your house! It’s like Facebook Marketplace only on a national scale.


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I’m a big believer in purchasing gently used clothing. Fast fashion produces so much pollution for items that some people only wear one or two times. (PS – Thredup has this great quiz to see how “dirty” your closet it, I highly recommend it!) I’d much rather invest in quality pieces I can wear over and over again instead of following the latest trends. Once I find a style of item I like, I purchase it in all of the colours I know I look good in (black, grey, white, light pinks, and light blues, usually). Most of my closet now is made up of items I either sourced from Poshmark or Thredup, a consignment store from the US that ships to Canada.

Naturally, I tell pretty much everyone I know about Poshmark Canada and how great it is to find items that are very gently used (some even still have the tags on them!) at great prices. Poshmark Canada is a little bit confusing to get used to, so follow these tips to make the most out of your shopping experience!


Liking items is an intent to purchase

This isn’t Instagram – only like items you have even the slightest intention on purchasing. The seller gets a notification when you like an item (or multiple items), and can offer a discount to people who like their item. When you like something, it’s telling the seller that you’re interested in purchasing the piece.


Haggling is encouraged, but don’t be rude

One of the great things about Poshmark is that you can bargain with sellers, especially if you’re purchasing multiple items from their closet. It’s sort of expected, so sellers will often price their items higher because they expect some back and forth negotiation. Don’t be a jerk though – many sellers will block low-ballers who offer unreasonable offers. For example, I was selling a pair of NWT (new with tags) Lululemon On the Fly shorts which are very popular right now. I had priced them originally at $45 if I remember correctly, but would have been $72+tax from Lululemon. I had people offering $15-20 for them, which was waaaay too low!

A rule of thumb I use when submitting offers on items I like is to use the following formula:

Discount on item = (Original Price – What I would be ok with paying) x2

So if an item is $30 and I’m ok with paying up to $24, I would offer $18 to start with. [$12 off = ($30 – $24) x2] That way it still leaves some room for negotiation with the seller. I find though that offering anywhere from 50-75% of the original price is reasonable, depending on the price of the item.


Remember that Poshmark takes a cut

This is a bit of a controversial thing to say amongst Poshmark Canada sellers, but as a buyer, it helps to know that Poshmark takes a cut of everything sold on the platform. So if someone is selling something for $30, they’ll only receive $24. Of orders above $20, Poshmark Canada takes 20%, orders below $20 have a flat commission fee of $3.95. Bargaining with only a couple of dollars in between your amount and the seller’s amount is usually seen as being really nitpicky, since oftentimes there isn’t that much of a difference for either party. Not only that, but any time you receive an Offer to Likers, the seller has to give a discount of at least 10% and either $3 or $13 off shipping (discounted or free shipping, respectively). Therefore, if a seller has an item for $30 and wants to send out an Offer to Likers, they’ll have to offer at most $27 + $3 shipping; which right there brings their potential profit to only $18.60. At some prices, it just doesn’t make sense to offer any additional discount to buyers!


Utilize bundles, even if you only like 1 item

Think of bundles like your shopping cart. Poshmark Canada doesn’t have integrated messaging, so chatting in the comments of your personal bundle with a seller is the easiest way to talk to them semi-privately. Even if you only like 1 item, adding it to your Bundle is letting the seller know you’re really interested – don’t be surprised if they make an offer on your item(s) and leave you a little note! Bundle offers also don’t have the shipping discount requirement, making 1-item bundles great for items less than $20.


Rate sellers based on your experience with them, not the item or factors beyond their control

This is something I think that Poshmark Canada could do a much better job explaining. After you receive an item you’ve purchased, you go in the app to accept it – the seller doesn’t receive their earnings until you accept it or 3 days have passed since it was marked delivered. You also have a chance to rate your experience with the seller.

Many people get confused by this and end up rating the item itself, or rate the seller lower based on something outside of their control. You are in actuality rating your shopping experience with the seller. So things like, did they leave a note in the package with your item? Was it packaged nicely? Did the item get marked as “in transit” within 3 business days of you purchasing the item (this is the standard time for sellers to keep a Posh Ambassador status)? If you asked questions, did they respond thoroughly?

Things you’re not rating on: the item itself or how long Canada Post took to deliver your order.


Returns are ONLY accepted if the item is not as described

Most Poshmark Canada sellers take great care in their items, and want to make sure they’re upfront about what they’re selling. Remember that most of these items are secondhand, so a bit of wear on them is normal unless the seller has specified that the item is NWT (new with tags) or NWOT (new without tags).

Any stains, rips, or flaws should be identified and shown in the item’s photos and description.

You are only allowed to return something if the item is not as identified. Examples would include: the item is a completely different size than listed (not that it doesn’t fit you), the item has stains, rips, or other flaws that were not in the listing, the item is in a different condition than listed (shrunk, smells strongly of smoke, etc.)

You cannot return something because it doesn’t fit you, it doesn’t look good on you, or you changed your mind. Remember that you’re purchasing from an individual seller not a big corporation.


Use filters to compare sold prices

By default, whenever you search for an item, Poshmark will only show you items that are available and not everything that has sold. However, seeing sold items to get comparables is a great way to make sure you’re not low-balling or paying too much. Many sellers will use these comparable prices when listing their items, however some newer sellers will just guess how much the item will sell for. Some sizes are more popular than others, so they might sell for higher or lower prices depending on what size you are. Same thing goes with colours too. Using filters is a great way though to see what other people have paid for.


Research what you’re interested in

I’m currently looking for some pretty exclusive pieces from Lululemon’s Royal Ballet collaboration, so I’ve been scouring Poshmark US, Poshmark Canada, and eBay trying to find things in my size. Knowing what the different pieces are and what they look like helps tremendously when I’m using Poshmark because oftentimes the seller doesn’t know what they have. Lululemon is pretty easy to find the names of products because of Lulufanatics, however not all brands are like that. For luxury goods, use sites like TheRealReal, Yoogi’s Closet, and eBay to find comparable prices. It’s how I got these $470 Louboutin sandals shown on TheRealReal for $40 on Poshmark Canada – I knew what I was looking at but the seller didn’t. (On the flip side – sellers, you NEED to do your research in order to price items correctly! You could be missing out on sales because your items are priced too high or too low.)


Have fun!

Poshmark is such a great way to find deals on items that you’ve been needing in your closet – whether they’re household brands like Lululemon and Aritzia, or designer labels like Christian Louboutin and Tiffany & Co. (The Louboutins in the featured image were actually one of the first things I bought on Poshmark!) If you’re looking to try Poshmark – use my link to get $15 off your first purchase!


Start Shopping!

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