What I Eat in a Day (Quarantine Edition)

So I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve become a bit of a snack QUEEN working from home all the time during social distancing. When I was in an office, my snack drawer was limited to just a small space (or my entire desk, but the judgement from my coworkers was real!), but now that I’m working from home, my whole kitchen is my snack drawer! I also find it a lot easier to space out meals when I won’t have to worry about my commute time or driving to and from dance classes, music lessons, or client meetings. It’s just the short walk to the fridge.


Morning Brunch, approx 10AM – 11AM

I usually start work at arount 9:30 – 10:00AM depending on the day (gotta love flexible hours), so one of the first things I do is grab myself a breakfast or brunch to eat. It was a lot nicer when my boyfriend was working from home too because he got up earlier than I did, so I’d wake up to the smell of breakfast sandwiches (yum!), but since he’s back in the office I usually make something for myself. My current go-to are these protein pancakes from Kodiak Cakes and a berry smoothie made with cranberry juice, a frozen berry mix, and vanilla bean greek yoghurt. The cranberry juice really helps to cut down the sweetness I find a lot of pre-made smoothie mixes have. What I love about this breakfast is that I only have to make it every other day, as the portion sizes for the pancakes is for half a batch, and I make enough smoothie to fill a water bottle as well as my glass.


Afternoon Snack, approx 2PM – 3PM

Since I have my first meal so late in the day and the fact that I’m absolutely AWFUL at cooking, I usually forego lunch and have a snack when I get hungry again in the afternoon. I’ve really been loving trying new organic and healthier snacks from Well.ca and Natura Market, both of which are Canadian online grocery stores. They have a pretty different selection from each other so I’d definitely check them both out. My favourite snacks could probably fill up a whole other blog post, but lately I’ve been reaching for Smart Sweets (which is a woman-owned and Canadian company!), anything from Kodiak Cakes (their Kodiak cups are delicious if I’m craving something Starbucks-y and their Bear Bites graham crackers go so well with peanut butter!), and Smashmallows. So technically not the healthiest foods I could be choosing for snacks, but I eat them in moderation and choose options that are whole grains, made without GMOs or preservatives, and help awesome family-owned nice food companies rather than big corporations.


Dinner, approx 7PM – 8PM

Growing up we always had dinner super early in the night, but between me usually getting home late from dance or my boyfriend getting home late from work, it just made sense to push dinner back by a couple hours. We’ve been getting Hello Fresh for months now and love the variety of meals we get. There’s usually enough food for us to have a lunch for one of us for the next day as well which is awesome, and it’s allowed us to try meals we never would have thought of or gotten the ingredients for ourselves. Especially as we try to minimize our trips to the grocery store during social distancing, having most of our meals for the week ready to go in the fridge makes it a lot easier. I could go on an on about the benefits of Hello Fresh and other meal delivery kits like it forever, so I won’t talk your ear off, but if you use my link you get $40 off your first box, and I get a free meal out of it too.

Check out Hello Fresh

On days when we’ve run out of Hello Fresh meals, we usually grab some pizza from our favourite pizzerias in the area or just have snacks. I’m starting

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